4 rum makers bring Caribbean flavor to Utah

Well, shiver me timbers! In the past year, the number of Utah rum makers has jumped from zero to four. That’s enough sweet-molasses booty to make a liquor-lovin’ pirate wonder, “What be goin’ on i

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De la broue et des pubs | Alexandre Vigneault | Bières

La bière n’est pas qu’une affaire de gars, mais ces messieurs demeurent quand même plus portés sur les boissons maltées. Coup d’oeil sur neuf bars où s’enfile

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Touring the Bayou Rum Distillery aka My Tough Life

The Bayou Rum Distillery is the newest attraction in the Lake Charles area. Here’s what to expect, and an insight into my favourite of the Louisiana rums.

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Appleton Estate in Jamaica is a rum-lover’s paradise

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The pilgrimage to Appleton Estate in the south of Jamaica is less about what there is to see there, but more about what you can drink.

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2013 Miami Rum Festival details announced

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December 20, 2012
Quantum Leap Network today announced that the fifth annual Miami Rum Renaissance Festival, the largest gathering of rum experts, professionals

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16 of the Best Rum-Centric Cocktail Bars in America

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Over the past half-decade the tiki bar – kitsch still included – and the Caribbean-themed rum bar have been re-imagined on both coasts, with notable additions in between. One…

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Quelques endroits à visiter dans le Vermont…

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Beaucoup d’entre vous, amateurs de bières, connaissez probablement déjà le Vermont et ses microbrasseries.  Cependant, il y a une semaine, ce n’était pas le cas pour moi.  J’y ai passé 2 jours et y ai découvert plusieurs endroits dignes d’intérêt…

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Rum Journal: Making the Rum Pilgrimage to Barbados – Caribbean Journal

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Caribbean JournalRum Journal: Making the Rum Pilgrimage to BarbadosCaribbean JournalAnd the rum may be even older than that — at the Mount Gay Plantation, which is located on the other side of the island of Barbados, there is evidence of stills…

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El Dorado Rum: Adventures In Guyana | Good Food Revolution

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« Earlier this year, courtesy of Woodman Wines and Spirits and Demerara Distillers Limited, I found myself on a terrific excursion to Guyana in order to familiarise myself with the rums of El Dorado. »
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Top 10 brewery tours in the US – eTurboNews

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eTurboNewsTop 10 brewery tours in the USeTurboNewsLocated 65 miles north of Denver, this sustainable wind powered brewery was the first of its kind in the United States.

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